[Hot Item] Home Decor 8f Artificial Coconut Tree – tree home decor

[Hot Item] Home Decor 8f Artificial Coconut Tree – tree home decor

contaminar has advised a ancestors abode called ‘casa tojal’ aural the porto de mós municipality, in portugal. the architecture looks like it was broken into the ground, created as an basic allotment of the mural and aptitude over the olive timberline basin that surrounds it. the challenges and requirements of the activity mainly anxious solar acclimatization and the framing of the best appearance (north / west). also, the architects’ capital resposibility was to actualize a affairs that would bout and facilitate the residents’ circadian routine. 
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the ancestors abode by contaminar crosses the acreage from its accomplished to its everyman level, and, in an act of geometric continuity, hides and reveals itself through the bounded topography. the architects alarm the activity ‘shy and bucolic’, with its apple-pie architecture gluttonous a sometimes attenuate and added times, allegory integration, consistently mantaining the antithesis amid the congenital anatomy and the accustomed environment. the ‘L’ shaped architecture constists of two accurate volumes, that are visually seperated by the entrance. one of the volumes emerges from the acreage and houses the barn and abstruse areas, while the added occupies the absolute amplitude of the lot but, due to its permeable, cellophane character, it allows the connected advance of the building.

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the apportionment breeze axial the abode is created by two alongside and adverse corridors which extend for the absolute breadth of the house. the abode includes a balustrade that functions as an exoteric aisle on the south facade, mirrored by an autogenous aisle that runs alongside abaft a bottle facade. the affairs develops about the axial core, ensuring that the spatial administration allows acceptable sunlight admission and mural angle to all rooms. the abode develops in a accelerating manner, evolving from abstruse and anatomic areas to amusing and clandestine ones. outside, the abruptness allows maximun sunlight to ability the corridors, while highlighting the accurate that becomes the arresting material. the accumbent curve of its arrangement adverse with the verticality of the apparent board elements that accent the facades. the activity consists of simple forms and volumes, with absorption to details. it responds to the charge for a adequate and agreeable ambiance that fits accordingly into its mural and topographic ambience after accident its claimed character. 

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[Hot Item] Home Decor 8f Artificial Coconut Tree – tree home decor | tree home decor

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name: tojal housedesigner: contaminar arquitetos
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