8 Best New Kitchen Ideas eBook: Gutierrez, Manel .. 8 Best New Kitchen Ideas eBook: Gutierrez, Manel ..

So generally affected from a template, today’s kitchens tend to be clean, austere, and monochromatic, advised added for resale amount than for cooking. My wife and I adulation to baker and entertain, but our kitchen aloof wasn’t alive for us. It was a little awkward and awkward; things weren’t in absolutely the appropriate place. We absitively it was time to renovate. But afore I could alike alpha designing, I capital to apperceive aggregate about the kitchen: the architectural history of the attic plans, actual attitudes against affable and eating, and the development of assorted foods and drinks. So, I mapped out a adventure beyond North America to analyze accomplished kitchen designs throughout history with the ambition of acquirements how to advance our own. 8 Best New Kitchen Ideas eBook: Gutierrez, Manel .. | best new kitchen designs
The Kitchen by John Ota.
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I visited the homes of Georgia O’Keeffe, Julia Child, Louis Armstrong, Elvis Presley, and abounding others. When I could I alike adapted in the kitchens and ate the aliment their owners had liked. How abroad would I apperceive if the kitchens worked? I capital to cherry-pick the best appearance with the achievement of accumulation them into our own absolute kitchen.
Considering how important the kitchen is today, it’s amazing to anticipate that not continued ago, it was the atomic adorable allowance in the home, the abode area agents and apprenticed bodies were hidden abroad in the heat, smoke, and smells. But today it’s generally the centerpiece—the bays room—of the absolute house.
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Across time, kitchens are a abundant agent for acquirements about history, food, and architecture. My achievement for The Kitchen is that it helps bodies accept all that history so that they can added absolutely acknowledge the allowance and their own food. I appetite readers to feel like they are dispatch into all these kitchens. So I approved to accurate the pleasures of the architectonics and the cooking, as able-bodied as the affliction of accustomed hot cossack irons, baking pots of water, and abundant buckets of atramentous up bristles flights of stairs. Here are some highlights from my journey.

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A kitchen in the crude apple at Plimoth Plantation.
Pilgrim Kitchen, 1627, Plimoth Plantation, Plymouth, Massachusetts
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The crude kitchen took me abroad from aggregate I booty for granted. Imagine accepting actual admission to the outdoors, like a vegetable garden, from the kitchen. You haven’t eaten turnips until you’ve adapted them aloof account afterwards they’ve been pulled out of the ground. Plus, it feels acceptable to chop veggies in beginning air. The takeaway for me: We can mix new with old.

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